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The National Respite Locator Services of ARCH National Respite Network describes respite as follows: “Respite, a break for caregivers and families, is a service in which temporary care is provided to a child or adult with disabilities, or chronic or terminal illnesses, and to persons at risk of abuse and neglect. Respite can occur in out-of-home and in-home settings for any length of time, depending on the needs of the family and available resources. As a vital part of the continuum of services for families, respite helps prevent out-of-home placements and possible abuse and neglect situations, preserves the family unit, and supports family stability.”

In Illinois, respite services are provided in a number of different ways. There are in-home respite providers (these providers send the respite worker to your home to care for your family member in their own environment) as well as those who offer this service in a center-based model (families take their loved one to a respite home or center for care). Eligibility determination and funding sources for these programs vary. There are also groups that provide respite in unique ways such as the Respitality Program offered by Easter Seals-UCP in Peoria/Bloomington. This program provides a getaway for parents that can include dinner, entertainment and hotel accommodations, often donated by community businesses.

Many agencies that provide other services to children or adults with disabilities also provide respite. To find a provider of respite services in your area, please use the Search box above.

For more information about Respite Services, please see our Advocacy Toolbox.