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Social Security

Some children may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income or (SSI) due to a parent’s status as an income provider for the child. Other children who have developmental disabilities might be eligible for SSDI at the age of 18 based on their own status as a person with a disability.

To find your local Social Security Office, please go to the blue box on the left titled Advocacy Services and click on Search for Advocacy/Services Providers:

  1. Select Service Type: Government Programs
  2. Select Service Sub-Type: Government Programs
  3. Select Services Provided: Social Security
  4. County: Your County

You can also get more information on the Social Security Administration website at Be advised that many first time applicants to Social Security benefits are denied. Do not be discouraged! If you are denied Social Security benefits, you should appeal the denial. For more information on Social Security, visit the website for the Health & Disability Advocates, formerly known as the SSI Coalition.

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