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Tips on Conducting a General Search

  • There are a number of ways to get information from the Advocacy / Service Providers section of the Illinois Life Span website.
  • Users can choose to search by Service Type, Provider Type, Agency Name or Key Word.
  • Generate a list of all advocacy resources and service providers available on our site by clicking on Search without making a selection in any field.
  • Links to individual providers will be listed below the search fields. To learn more about any provider, click on their link for contact information as well as information regarding services offered.
  • Another general search would include all providers in a particular county or geographic area. To conduct a County search, choose your County from the pull-down menu in the “Search By” section and leave Service Type as the other Search By criteria. All providers from that county will be listed in the results when you click Search.
  • Another possible search criterion is Provider Type. These are broad, general categories of providers.
  • Selection of a Service Type will narrow your search to only the service type selected in this field. Please look through the choices available and choose the one that best describes what you seek.
  • If you know the Service Type that you are seeking, (Respite, for example) you may also select first from that pull down menu for a list of more specific results. Once a Service Type is selected, another field will appear called, “Service Sub-Type”. You can further narrow that search by selecting the specific Service and Service Sub-Type as well as searching the County field.
  • Use the County Map link to find adjacent counties and to see listings in nearby counties if your original search is unsuccessful.
  • Searches by Agency Name or Keyword are also possible.

Disclaimer: Resources listed on this website do not constitute an endorsement by the Illinois Life Span Project or The Arc of Illinois. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive list possible of resources related to advocacy and other services for individuals with disabilities in Illinois. Please contact us if you find incorrect/outdated information. Thank you.