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Transition from High School to Adult Services

Before a family looks into any pre-designed program of transition for their child, it is important to have a vision of the child’s future. Create that vision with input from the child, keeping in mind gifts, talents and skills your child possesses. Where and what he/she wants to do is as important if not more important than programs offered by the state and agencies. Included in this Advocacy Toolbox section are some current models to use in transition and tools to help facilitate transition from high school to the world of adult services.

Transition Services
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Culturally focused resources on Transition

Tools for Transition

Person Centered Planning
ISBE and TOTAL Project Resources
Written Transition Plans in the IEP

Supported Decision Making
Alternatives to Guardianship – Supported Decision Making

DRS and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program
Transition and DHS Division of Rehabilitation Services – Vocational Rehabilitation
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