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Birth to 3 Services


Special Education Services are available to students with disabilities from age 3 until they graduate or until the day before their 22nd birthday, as long as the need for services is indicated in the Individualized Education Plan or IEP. Many families need support and information to navigate Special Education Services. Our website contains many resources for information and assistance in understanding this complicated system. Two Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIC’s) in Illinois are important resources for training and information on rights within the special education system.

For additional information on Special Education, you may also visit the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Special Education Homepage.

There are additional advocacy organizations that provide you with tactical information to help you become a strong and knowledgeable advocate for your child. Incredible information and resources are available online to help families navigate the Special Education system. See our Related Website Links section, Educational Information and Resources for starters!

For more information about Special Education Advocacy, please go to our Advocacy Toolbox.