Making the transition from a state operated developmental center (SODC) to a home in the community can be a challenge for the individual making the move as well as for their guardian and close family members and friends. It’s important to have a supportive team on your side who will advocate with you and help you to face barriers you may encounter. For a person who has lived even a few years in an SODC, there are new things to learn about navigating a different system. There are a lot of decisions to make. The most important thing is to look for a situation that will be a comfortable fit for the person making the transition and will have needed supports in place ahead of the move so the transition is designed to succeed. The Arc of Illinois’s Family Transition Project is a resource for anyone who is encountering barriers, has questions, or needs some encouragement or specific advocacy assistance while going through the process personally or along with a family member. Independent Service Coordination Agencies will search for different community options and submit information packets to agencies for the person making the transition. Here are some links to more information and resources.

Moving to the Community
Family Transition Project
ISC List
Residential Options Fact Sheet
Transition Coordinators at SODCs
Resource Toolbox