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Special Needs Future Planning for Benefits, Financial & Legal Issues

People with disabilities and their families need to understand government benefits that may be available and how those benefits are impacted by other financial circumstances, such as work. They must also prepare for the future of their loved one with a disability by planning for and protecting their care and assets. Benefits Planning Specialists, Financial Planners, and Attorneys who concentrate in Wills, Special Needs Trusts, and Guardianship are all professionals who provide information and assistance with these important issues. Although they differ greatly in their services, they all deal with the broad issue of financial resources. They also provide information and services designed to maximize the effectiveness of those available resources. It is important in this area of services for the consumer to understand the scope of services and be aware of the providers expertise.

Benefits Planning Specialists

Benefits Planning Specialists help consumers understand government benefits such as SSI and SSDI and how these benefits are impacted by other financial circumstances such as work. The DHS/ORS Benefits Planning Project provides information free of charge to people receiving SSI or SSDI who want to work. Other Benefits Planning Specialists may provide these and other services for a fee.

Financial Planners

Financial Planners help families manage and integrate government benefits and family financial resources. Many professionals hold the CFP Certified Financial Planner or ChFC Chartered Financial Consultant credentials.

Attorneys Concentrating in Wills, Trusts, and Guardianship for Individuals with Special Needs

These professionals provide the legal structures necessary to facilitate financial and other futures planning for families that contain a member with a disability. Attorneys may also provide consultation on benefits and other services and supports for people with disabilities.