Date: 4/27/2012
Time: 8:30:00 AM
Traumatic experiences can be dehumanizing, shocking and terrifying. Often a traumatic experience includes the betrayal of a trusted person or institution and a loss of safety. Trauma can result from experiences of violence, abuse, neglect or disasters that induce powerlessness, fear and recurring hopelessness. Trauma impacts one’s spirituality and relationships often resulting in ongoing feelings of shame, guilt, rage and isolation. Despite all of this, healing is possible. This training will address the prevalence of trauma across the lifespan and suggest techniques to reduce the likelihood of re-traumatization. Participants will learn what trauma is, how it affects individuals – psychologically, developmentally, and neurobiologically. Self-regulation tools and strategies also will be explored. For more information, call 217-788-3333.

Memorial Medical Center, Wedeberg Room
701 North First Street
Springfield, IL
United States

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