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National Advocacy Organizations / Resources

ABLE National Resource Center 
The ABLE National Resource Center (ANRC) is a collaborative whose supporters share the goal of accelerating the design and availability of ABLE accounts for the benefit of individuals with disabilities and their families.

Academy of Special Needs Planners – Special Needs Answers
The purpose of the Academy of Special Needs Planners is to assist special needs attorneys in providing the highest quality service and advice to individuals with special needs and to their families. In addition to providing its member attorneys with up-to-date information on legal developments nationwide and a forum for exchanging best practices, the Academy provides information to consumers through this web site and its monthly e-mail newsletter.

Administering A Special Needs Trust
The Special Needs Alliance is pleased to offer this free booklet on administering special needs trusts. In plain English, it can help you understand the choices and obligations.

American Academy of Pediatrics
Dedicated to the health of all children.

American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
AAIDD promotes progressive policies, sound research, effective practices and universal human rights for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

ARCH National Respite Network – Respite Locator Service
The National Respite Locator Service helps parents, caregivers, and professionals find respite services in their state and local area to match their specific needs. The service is also useful when a family travels or must move to another state.

Association for Behavior Analysis International
The Association for Behavior Analysis InternationalTM (ABA InternationalTM) is a nonprofit professional membership organization with the mission to develop, enhance, and support the growth and vitality of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.

Association of University Centers on Disabilities
AUCD’s mission is to advance policies and practices that improve the health, education, social and economic well-being of people with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and their communities by supporting our members in research, education, health and service activities that achieve our vision.

Behavior Analyst Certification Board
This Registry is a listing of current BCBA, BCBA-D and supervised BCaBA certificants. The information is current as of October 10, 2019.  The BACB is the primary and only source of official verification that a person is certified by the BACB. This Registry is the only online, BACB-approved Registry of current BCBA, BCBA-D and supervised BCaBA certificants.

Caregiver Action Network
The Caregiver Action Network serves a broad spectrum of family caregivers ranging from the parents of children with special needs, to the families and friends of wounded soldiers; from a young couple dealing with a diagnosis of MS, to adult children caring for parents with Alzheimer’s disease.

Caring Across Generations
This a coalition of 100 local, state and national organizations focused on caregiving.

Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates
An independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization of attorneys, advocates and parents established to improve the quality and quantity of legal assistance for parents of children with disabilities.

Disability is Natural
The Disability is Natural web site is brought to you by BraveHeart Press, the family-owned business of Kathie Snow. The mission of this site is to encourage new ways of thinking about disability and to help create a society in which all people are valued and included.

Family Voices
Family Voices, a national grassroots network of families and friends, advocates for health care services that are family-centered, community-based, comprehensive, coordinated and culturally competent for all children and youth with special health care needs; promotes the inclusion of all families as decision makers at all levels of health care; and supports

Grandfamilies State Law and Policy Resource Center
The Grandfamilies State Law and Policy Resource Center serves as a national legal resource created to educate individuals about state laws and legislation in support of grandfamilies and to assist interested state legislators, advocates, caregivers, attorneys, and other policymakers in exploring policy options to support relatives and the children in their care both within and outside the child welfare system.

Great Lakes ADA Center
The Great Lakes ADA Center provides informal guidance on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accessible information technology for educational entities. The Great Lakes ADA and Accessible IT Center staffs a toll-free information line and provides informal guidance on the Americans with Disabilties Act (ADA) and Accessible Information Technology for educational entities. The Great Lakes ADA Center is not an enforcement agency and cannot provide legal representation. However, the Center’s Technical Assistance Specialists can answer most questions you have immediately and will research and return your call on complex questions if necessary. They may also be able to provide you with expert referrals for disability issues, which are not addressed by the ADA. All requests for technical assistance are strictly confidential.

Harvard Law School Project on Disability – The Harvard Law School Project on Disability (HPOD) develops and disseminates free educational materials on the human rights of people with disabilities.

Institute for Community Inclusion
The Institute for Community Inclusion supports the rights of children and adults with disabilities to participate in all aspects of the community. As practitioners, researchers, and teachers, we form partnerships with individuals, families, and communities. Together we advocate for personal choice, self-determination, and social and economic justice.

Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation
This website is designed for use by Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Public Policy Fellows and others new to the field of public policy and intellectual and related disabilities.

Kids, online since 1995, continues to be the most popular and trafficked camp directory on the Internet with over 600,000 unique visitors per month, allowing millions of parents and children the ability to select the program of their choice.

MEAF (Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation)
The Foundation’s vision has been focused on empowering youth with disabilities to lead productive lives through increased employment.

National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities
NADDC’s mission is to provide support & assistance to member Councils in order to promote a consumer and family centered system of services and supports for those with Developmental Disability.

National Center on Criminal Justice & Disability, The Arc
NCCJD will serve as a national clearinghouse for information and training on the topic of people with I/DD as victims, witnesses and suspects or offenders of crime. The Arc will partner with a broad spectrum of criminal justice professionals, including those in the law enforcement, legal and disability fields at the national, state and local levels to create safer lives for people with I/DD who become involved in the criminal justice system.

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability
The mission of the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) is to promote the substantial health benefits that can be gained from participating in regular physical activity.

National Council on Disability
NCD’s overall purpose is to promote policies, programs, practices, and procedures that guarantee equal opportunity for all individuals with disabilities, regardless of the nature or severity of the disability; and to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve economic self-sufficiency, independent living, and inclusion and integration into all aspects of society.

National Disability Rights Network
The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) is the nonprofit membership organization for the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Systems and Client Assistance Programs (CAP) for individuals with disabilities. Collectively, the P&A/CAP network is the largest provider of legally based advocacy services to people with disabilities in the United States.

National Organization for Rare Disorders
The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is a unique federation of voluntary health organizations dedicated to helping people with rare “orphan” diseases and assisting the organizations that serve them. NORD is committed to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, advocacy, research, and service.

National Resource Center for Supported Decision Making
The National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making (NRC-SDM) builds on and extends the work of Quality Trust’s Jenny Hatch Justice Project by bringing together vast and varied partners to ensure that input is obtained from all relevant stakeholder groups including older adults, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), family members, advocates, professionals and providers.

Partners in Policymaking
Twenty five years ago, the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities created a ground-breaking, innovative training program called Partners in Policymaking® to teach parents and self-advocates the power of advocacy to change the way people with disabilities are supported, viewed, taught, live and work. During the past two decades, important issues have been confronted and dramatic changes have been made.

Search Institute
Search Institute is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide leadership, knowledge, and resources to promote healthy children, youth, and communities. Train and share information on Developmental Assets – The Developmental Assets are 40 common sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults.

Sibling Support Project
The Sibling Support Project is a national effort dedicated to the life-long concerns of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns.

Special Needs Alliance
The Special Needs Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the legal planning needs of people with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who serve them.

Special Needs Resource Project
Special Needs Resource Project (SNRP) provides a basic guide for parents of children with chronic health issues, disabilities and special needs. This site is designed to help you get a jump-start in your search for helpful information and resources. Every situation is unique. Our aim is to help you learn the basic skills you’ll need to obtain the specific resource information, equipment, and services your child and family needs. Though focused on children ages 0-22, most of the information we offer is applicable to adults as well.

The Arc of The United States
The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.

The Center on Human Policy
The Center on Human Policy (CHP) is a Syracuse University based policy, research, and advocacy organization involved in the national movement to insure the rights of people with disabilities. Since its founding, the Center has been involved in the study and promotion of open settings (inclusive community opportunities) for people with disabilities.

The Council on Quality and Leadership
The Council provides a continuum of services and resources that increase the effectiveness of individuals, organizations, and systems.

TSA Disabilities and Medical Conditions
One of the primary goals of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to provide the highest level of security and customer service to all who pass through our screening checkpoints. Our current policies and procedures focus on ensuring that all passengers, regardless of their personal situations and needs, are treated equally and with the dignity, respect, and courtesy they deserve.

UCP – United Cerebral Palsy
United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) is the leading source of information on cerebral palsy and is a pivotal advocate for the rights of persons with any disability. As one of the largest health charities in America, the UCP mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities through an affiliate network.