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Assistive Technology Resources

Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Assistive technology resources include The Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP), a statewide not-for-profit agency located in Springfield that provides a variety of assistive technology services, including:

  • information and assistance through 800 lines;
  • an assistive technology demonstration center;
  • an assistive technology device loan program;
  • a low interest cash loan program;
  • a quarterly newsletter that is distributed to 7,500 individuals;
  • assistive technology trainings which focuses primarily on capacity-building and train-the-trainer programs;
  • publication of TechNotes on a variety of topics; and
  • a policy/systems change program which involves annually monitoring hundreds of bills which affect people with disabilities and keeping consumers informed about these and other state and federal initiatives.

For further information about the services and supports provided through The Illinois Assistive Technology Program, you may visit their website through the link above or call IATP at 217-522-7985 voice; 217-522-9966 tty; 217-522-8067 fax;  800-852-5110 v/tty in IL only.


Another resource is the UCP  Seguin of Greater Chicago Infinitec and Assistive Technology Exchange Network (ATEN) programs. The Mission of Infinitec is to advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for children and adults with disabilities through technology. The Infinitec staff helps people with disabilities find and get access to information, technology services, training, assistive equipment and specialists by creating partnerships that maximize resources. ATEN – the Assistive Technology Exchange Network – since 1995 has been accepting used technology items from private donors for transfer to Illinois schools, which serve children with disabilities. ATEN is administered by UCP Chicago’s Infinitec program with funding from the Illinois State Board of Education as authorized by the Illinois School Code. Infinitec has numerous partnerships with other organizations throughout the state to help maximize available resources. For further information about Infinitec, check their website at or call (708) 444-8460.

UIC Institute on Disability and Human Development Assistive Technology Unit

The ATU offers a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • Technology to maximize independence in activities of daily living
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Alternative & augmentative communication
  • Computer access
  • Environmental control
  • Home modification
  • Mobility
  • Seating
  • Worksite modification

Referrals come to the ATU from consumers directly, or from staff within the Illinois Department of Human Services. Since 1991, the UIC Assistive Technology Unit has been providing mobile assistive technology services to underserved individuals with disabilities in northeast Illinois. The ATU is a community-based service delivery program, serving over 90% of our clients in their homes, schools, work, or recreation settings. A fleet of mobile units is used to achieve the community-based approach, making the ATU the only mobile program in Illinois. For further information about services available, please see their website at 

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