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Information/Advocacy Resources

There are several additional important resources for information about Early Childhood Special Education. Early CHOICES is a Preschool LRE Initiative of the Illinois State Board of Education. This program promotes increasing high quality inclusive education for each and every preschool aged child by providing technical assistance and professional development to early childhood professionals and families in Illinois. For more information, please go to

Another helpful resource is The Early Childhood Intervention Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse provides a library and information services related to the health, education, and developmental issues of young children. Professionals, policymakers, students and parents statewide can use the services of The Early Childhood Intervention Clearinghouse. Please call 800-852-4302 or email for more information.

Additionally, the STARNET system serves young children, families and communities in Illinois working to develop more effective partnerships and linkages among families, professionals and systems. STARNET provides training and technical assistance to early childhood special education preschool staff and families of young children. There are five STARNET regions to assist families and professionals throughout the state.


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