Before a family looks into any pre-designed program of transition for their child, it is important to have a vision of the child’s future. Create that vision with input from the child, keeping in mind gifts, talents and skills your child possesses. Where and what he/she wants to do is as important if not more important than programs offered by the state and agencies. Included in this Advocacy Toolbox section are some current models to use in transition and tools to help facilitate transition from high school to the world of adult services.

Transition Services
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ASSIST stands for Advocating for Supports to Improve Service Transitions and is 12 week series of advocacy trainings for parents of youth with autism covering multiple topics related to transitioning to adulthood.  ASSIST was piloted as a multi-site research project with the University of Illinois,  Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   Listed below are a series of videos for parent and/or professionals to review.

Intro and Person-centered-planning:

Models of decision-making:



Health Insurance Options:

Medicaid Waiver:

Employment 1:

Employment 2:

Post-secondary Education:

Housing and technology:

Special Needs Trust SNT & ABLE accounts:


Secondary Transition Planning:

Culturally focused resources on Transition
Hispanic youth (Chicago area) presented by DSCC and UIC LEND
Resource List
Video – Transition Information for Teens – Chicago area
Hispanic Parents & Guardians (Chicago area) presented by DSCC and UIC LEND
Resource List
Video – Transition Information about Adulthood for Hispanic Parents & Guardians 

ASSIST significa Defensa de Apoyos para Mejorar las Transiciones de Servicios y es un programa de capacitación de 12 sessiones para padres de jóvenes con autismo que cubre múltiples temas relacionados con la transición a la edad adulta. ASSIST se puso a prueba como un proyecto de investigación de múltiples sitios con  la Universidad de Illinois, el Centro Vanderbilt Kennedy, el Centro Médico de la Universidad de Vanderbilt y el Centro Waisman de la Universidad de Wisconsin-Madison.

Introducción al Proyecto ASISTIR:

Plan Centrada en la Persona (PCP):

Seguro de Ingresos Supplementarios (SSI):

Planes/Seguros de Salud:

Programas de Extención de Medicaid:

Empleo (primera parte):

Empleo (secunda parte):

Opciones despues de la Secundaria:


Fideicomiso y Planificación Financiera para el Futuro:


Transición Escolar:

Modelos de Toma de Decisiones:

Programa del Seguro Social sobre Discapacidad de Empleo (SSDI) y programa de Nutrición SNAP):

Tools for Transition
School-to-Work Transition Guide 
The Guide was designed to help students, parents/guardians, teachers, school administrators, guidance and vocational rehabilitation counselors, and other school-based and adult-services providers – with clear, up-to-date information about the process of supporting Illinois students with disabilities in their transition from school to work.

Person Centered Planning
TOTAL Project
Written Transition Plans in the IEP

Alternative to Guardianship
Supported Decision Making became effective in the State of IL as of February 2022.   Information below is provided by the IL Guardianship and Advocacy Commission.  Information is available in English and Spanish.
Supported Decision Making

DHS Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) – Vocational Rehabilitation (VR program)
DHS Division of Rehabilitation Services – Vocational Rehabilitation

Advocacy Toolbox
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